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The Affiliate Elite is a software is probably a software most online businessmen would have heard of.  It is released by Brad Callen who has also released the popular Keyword Elite and SEO Elite. The software is broke down into 4 main project types. The first project type is “market research on clickbank/paydotcom”. These websites are known for their collection of products. Searching for genuine proved-to-be-profitable products are difficult to find manually. This is taken care of by the Affiliate Elite.  It consists of a huge database which lists all the products based on many filter criterions such as rank, earning, gravity, etc. The second project is “Reverse Google Search” which enables a user to find al the organic and paid results of any domain we intend to know. This helps us in finding which site advertises a lot. The third project called the analyze adword competition. This feature helps us in finding out which ads are running longer and thereby making more money in a domain based on a particular keyword. The fourth project is “Find super affiliate”.  It helps users find super affiliates and can mimic their strategies, that is use their techniques to earn money the way they do. Thus it can be called a “cheat book” to success. Though the AffiliateElite is available at a reasonable rate of $4.50 per month. The features they promise to provide are not up to mark as the search results provide random links and are inaccurate.

What is Affiliate Elite? Is it a scam? Is it worth it? These are some questions which pop in our mind when we think of purchasing this product. This software allows you to work smarter not harder, thereby easily increasing sales your business generates. This software claims to be able to help you manage keywords both for SEO and adwords purposes. It imports all data from clickbank and paydotcom and helps us gather details about the website that promotes the products to the maximum and thereby makes ore money. One can even search for quality affiliate marketers if the user wants to promote his product. The user can also search for a super affiliate and promote their product in a joint venture. It has a huge database with options of filtering data based on gravity, rank, earning.    It is a complete package that allows the user to develop a complete set of tricks and tactics and dominate the affiliate market.  On the whole, even after one has a critical look at the product we cannot but agree that it is one of the best products available in the market place for anyone looking to build a meaningful career in affiliate marketing. There are also some other packages which can be used in synergy with Affiliate Elite.

There has been a paradigm shift in the way people use internet as a earning tool with the advent of Affiliate Elite created by Brad Callen. The opportunities are endless once you have mastered how affiliate marketing works. There is lot of money to be made in the internet through these affiliate programs and it is only set to grow as more and more people realize that there is good money to be made from the internet. However, affiliate marketing has become competitive that what it was a few years ago. But with the Affiliate Elite you have the option to find out merchants and search and their affiliates. You have all the contact information available at a click of a button.  It also helps you to get into joint venture businesses on the net.  It also helps identify the appropriate keywords required to enable prospective buyers out there in the net to know more about your products and services.  All these jobs have never been easier before the advent of Affiliate Elite.  You have the ability to view the correct keywords, format advertisements and create links. It also works for people who do not have much ideas as to how affiliate marketing works because it goes by a step by step approach and guides you throughout.

For those who are into internet marketing or affiliate marketing, it is highly unlikely that they would have not heard of Brad Callen and his Affiliate Elite software.  As an affiliate marketer one of the toughest jobs is to choose the correct range of products to market as a affiliate.  But Affiliate Elite claims to have solved this problem to a great extent by finding hot-selling products to promote, affording an easy sort and filter to find out what is hot and what is not hot and have a good knowledge about facts and avoid costly blunders and mistakes. Additionally, you can also unravel the mystery of competitors PPC keywords and use them for your own campaigns.  Find out other peoples keywords and copy or improve them with your adwords. Discover words that are organically listed and use them fast.  Basically this software gives us the comfortable level and freedom to do away with analyzing and learning through the trial-and-error method.  In fact Affiliate Elite is not a single product but a complete marketing tool kit all wrapped in one.  It sells for a price which is just a fraction of those being sold in the market place.  The other products come with a price tag of $1500/=.

The process and concept of Affiliate Elite is very simple yet extremely effective. This is the best software available in the marketplace to know about competition as it is today, potential future competitions.  Use the knowledge so gained and implement it in your affiliate marketing immediately.  Remember getting the above knowledge in a conventional way would take anything between 2 to 3 years.  So what is the necessity to reinvent the wheel when the information is available readymade?  Be it a one-man operation aspiring for a few extra bucks as side income or the multi-millionaire who is running a highly successful affiliate marketing business, everyone I am sure at some point in time would have used Affiliate Elite. Especially those persons who have been using ClickBank or PayDotCom would not be able to reach any success worth the name if they have not been using Affiliate Elite. A lot of Affiliate Elite Reviews are available in the net and most of them have a positive image of the product. It helps the business owners is to go into adwords and find affiliates who are bidding on a lot of products and through this route find out other products that they are promoting.

Though Affiliate Elite is a good product as far as quality and effectiveness is concerned, it is priced at around $150/= which is on the higher side.  It is out of reach for persons who are just new entrants in this field. But for those who are really keen on making on the net as an affiliate marketer, this product will be good investment in the long run. Hence it is not at all a drain on your resources.  Further, it is a product which may not find favor with new entrants because unless they have a good idea about website, usage of Adwords they would not be able to make full use of Affiliate Elite.  But once you have a reasonable experience in this, but are still struggling to make money, Affiliate Elite is the best option available to give a fillip to your earning capabilities. We can safely say that Affiliate Elite is a very good product for those wanting to have a good knowledge about current products, future products, current trends, future trends, competition behavior.  It is an invaluable tool for those who want to save time and avoid indulging in mundane tasks. So on the whole we can confidently claim that it is one of the best products available in the market place provided we know how to use it.

There have been many users of Affiliate Elite and there are also plenty of Affiliate Elite Reviews available on the net. Today let us look the pros and cons of Affiliate Elite without bias or prejudice.  It is an open secret that anyone who has been in the business of Affiliate Marketing, the secret to success promoting the right affiliate products using the right search word keys. So how do we identify the right products?  This involves lot of research and is usually mastered through a period of trial and error. Now that the product has been identified what we need are the right keywords to search so as to entice willing buyers. Keyword search is driven by keywords It has been found that finding the right keywords and identifying the right products is an area where many affiliate marketers make mistakes.  This is where Affiliate Elite comes into the picture. It is a software which powers the user with a tool to find the right product and target the right keywords. The pros of using Affiliate Elite is that it gathers and imports the latest affiliate products from ClickBank and PayDotCom on a daily basis. The keyword list is so huge that you can find the right keywords best suited for your business. However, the disadvantage is that right now it doesn’t have other affiliate networks such as commission junction, ShareSale, LinkShare, etc.

This affiliate elite review will take you through the product in some details enabling the user to understand his needs and decide whether he should go in for Affiliate Elite.  In the olden days, people never understood what a good and affiliate program was so the best thing could do was build a site for testing and then promote and hard sell it to see if they could make some money out of it. The “wait and watch” way of marketing eventually saw people spending huge sums of money before seeing some revenue, which also was very meager. There were lot many instances where after building 10 affiliate sites one saw revenue coming from only 1 site. When people started using PPC to promote affiliate programs, they found out that there was data to be analyzed, and there was information to be learnt about competition as of today, expected future competition etc.  Here the birth of Affiliate Elite was a game changer because of its immense capability of having the results of research and analysis being readily available for the customer.  Unless one has a thorough knowledge of the products that are up for sale in the market, the keywords that generate sales for the top notch marketers, it is highly unlikely that money will be made here.  Affiliate Elite is perhaps one of the best products for those aspiring to be successful in the market place.

Affiliate Elite is the latest product in the market which is an extremely useful marketing tool for affiliate marketers.  The product is manufactured by Bryxen Software, owned by Brad Callen.  The best feature amongst a host of others is to uncover profitable products in the net. This is a very difficult task considering the fact that the net is flooded with millions if not trillions of products and services and choosing the right combination is a tough task, to say the least.  It helps shortlist the best products available in some of the largest networks in the world, like ClickBank and PayDotCom.  It certainly makes life easier for those looking for the right product mix to sell in the market place.  It also is an invaluable tool for searching for the right key words to choose and incorporate in your adword campaigns.  The four best features of Affiliate Elite are: finding profitable products, reverse Google search, analyzing adwords competition and lastly finding super affiliates or joint venture partners. Another strong feature of this product is the amount of research and analysis that has gone behind this marketing too; analysis in terms of keywords, analysis in terms of competition etc.  So the user is spared the pain and trouble of spending time and energy on analysis.